Coal’s High Cost

Let’s get Smart about Plant Washington & our Money

Coal-burning power plants are financially risky.

  • Plant Washington’s construction costs are estimated at $2.1 billion … and rising. Where will it end?
  • As coal prices continue to be unstable, Count on it: your bill will go up to pay for Plant Washington’s huge price tag.
  • Nationwide, financial and energy experts are refusing to fund coal plants. Carbon costs will add 25% -180% to the price of dirty coal-fired electricity, making it more costly than alternatives.
  • Contrary to claims by Power4Georgians, coal is NOT cheap.
  • According to a financial analysis of Plant Washington by Synapse Energy Economics, publicly available information suggests that the cost of building the facility will be significantly higher than Power4Georgians has acknowledged, that Power4Georgians will incur significant CO2 mitigation or emissions allowance costs, and that there could be less expensive and less risky alternatives to building a new coal-fired power plant in today’s uncertain economic environment.

Utilities and regulators are abandoning coal nationwide.

  • Since 2006, dozens of proposed coal-burning power plants have been abandoned or delayed by utilities. State regulatory agencies in South Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Oklahoma, Kansas, Washington, Oregon and Wisconsin also have rejected proposed power plants.
  • The biggest loan defaults in U.S. history were coal plants that cost taxpayers $4.9 billion. From 1970-1985, four coal plants were never built or partially built and then abandoned. Why? Plant developers over-stated need, even though there was no market for electricity from the plants.


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