Coal & Ga’s Water

Let’s get smart about Plant Washington & Water

We are in a drought. There is hardly any water in the Oconee so the proposed 16 wells drawing from the aquifer will be used. The coal plant’s water use imperils local ponds, rivers, and creeks. Power4Georgians will draw from the Oconee River when it is high enough, but from the underlying Cretaceous Aquifer during other times. At the information meeting in August, 2008, P4G confirmed that more water would have had to have been pulled from the aquifer in 2008 alone than had been projected for the average five year period.

Plant Washington will guzzle valuable water
Power4Georgians is proposing to draw up to 16 million gallons of water every day from the Oconee River and 16 groundwater wells in order to run Plant Washington. This is water that is necessary for the wellbeing of the region’s residents, businesses and way of life. Once it used up by Plant Washington, there will be insufficient water for agricultural uses, harming local economies.

WaterDataThe aquifer under the plant site is already overdrawn

When the Oconee River’s flow is inadequate to feed Plant Washington, the plant will have to draw water from the underlying Cretaceous Aquifer. The water table in Washington County already has dropped 47 feet in the last 40 years. At a meeting in August 2008, Power4Georgians confirmed that had the plant been running then, more water would have been pulled from the aquifer that year alone than operators had projected using for an entire average five-year period.

Source: U.S Geological Survey

The plant will worsen mercury contamination in GA waters

Source: Southern Environmental Law Center

Source: Southern Environmental Law Center

Plant Washington will emit more than 100 pounds of mercury every year, worsening environmental conditions that have already led to numerous fish consumption advisories for a number of lakes, rivers and streams, including the Ogeechee, Oconee, Ohoopee and Appalachee rivers, Brier Creek and Clark Hill Lake. The EPD also has measured mercury in those rivers in excess of state water quality standards. The mercury emissions from Plant Washington will further burden these waters with mercury, a potent neurotoxin that is particularly harmful to women of child-bearing age and young children.

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