Plant Washington

In September 2008, 10 of Georgia’s Electircal Membership Cooperatives (led by Cobb-EMC) came together to announce the projected $2.1 billion dollar Plant Washington, an 850 MW coal-fired power plant to be built in Sandersville, Georgia just 2 hours east of the nations largest and most polluting coal plant- Plant Scherer- and an hour east of yet another risky coal plant- Plant Branch.

Ga's Plant Branch

Ga's Plant Branch

Since the initial proposal, under the leadership of Cobb EMC, currently under investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for corruption, four of the initial ten partners have pulled their plugs on the deal stating financial risk and consumer uncertainty.  Cobb, Jackson, and Washington EMC members have also brought serious concerns to board meetings, asking board members to remove their electrical cooperatives from the project.

The plant is proposed to have about a 15-mile pipeline to the Oconee River for water intake.  The plant proposes to have 16 wells along this pipeline corridor and plans to draw from groundwater for its water needs during periods of drought.  Community members have serious concerns about the water conditions and quantity that the plant will draw.

The proposed plant will emit smog-forming nitrogen oxides, toxic mercury, soot-forming sulfur dioxide, and the global warming pollutant carbon dioxide.  Already Washington County and its neighboring county Wilkinson County suffer from exceedances over the average allowable particle matter (soot), based on recent state air data.  Mercury will be emitted and both the Oconee and the Ogeechee rivers are nearby. The proposed plant does not use the “Best Available Control Technology” IGCC (integrated gasification combined cycle) technology.

Already, in Georgia, nearly 1000 people die prematurely, 820 have heart attackes, and more then 28,000 visit the hospital because of illnesses or inflictions that are directly linked to the emissions from Georgia’s existing coal fired power plants.

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