Permits for Plant Washington Ignore the Shaky Ethical and Financial Footing of Cobb EMC

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Power4Georgians and the state Environmental Protection Division continue to waste EMC members’ and taxpayers’ money by pursuing building two dirty coal plants in south Georgia. After water and air permits for a proposed coal plant near Sandersville were ruled illegal by a state court judge, on March 2, 2011 the EPD re-issued water withdrawal and pollution permits for the plant.
Cobb EMC (Electric Membership Corporation) and its errant CEO/ “consultant” Dwight Brown have already spent over $12 million of EMC members money on consultants to try to get the state to issue pollution permits. 
If they continue trying to build two coal plants in South Georgia, that money pit will run well over $4 billion dollars, and include thousands of tons of hazardous pollutants entering our waters and the loss of over 32 million gallons of water from our rivers and wells every day.
“It’s time that Georgians stand up for financial and environmental responsibility,” said Midge Sweet, director of Georgians for Smart Energy. “Can EMC members really be expected to trust people who are under indictment on charges of corruption, and whose plans will threaten the financial stability as well as the health and safety of our families now, and our children for generations to come?”

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