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Tuesday October 20th, 6pm

EPD Hearing on Plant Washington Pollution

Ridge Road Elementary School

285 Ridge Rd. Sandersville, Ga 31802

energy_SmokeStack_120This coming Tuesday, October 20th, the Environmental Protection Division is hosting the second of just two public hearings to gather citizen input about the pollution that would be emitted from the Proposed 850 MW Plant Washington Coal Power Plant.  Attend the hearing to learn whats going on, speak out against the expensive and risky plants pollution, and send a comment to the Georgia EPD: epdcomments@dnr.state.ga.us

There will also be a public information session hosted by local community groups where you can hear expert opinions from researchers, professionals, and residents. This session will begin at 5pm.

Sign up for comments and a carpool!

5pm Information from Experts and Residents

6pm EPD Public Hearing and Comment Period

Recently,the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) issued draft permits for a proposed coal plant near Sandersville, Ga.  In response, thousands of citizens from across the state, concerned for their health and electricity costs, called and wrote emails and letters asking EPD to hold multiple permit hearings in cities around the State.

However, In addition to issuing the draft permits, the state Environmental Protection Division IGNORED the requests of over 1,000 people to hold hearings on this proposed coal plant at locations around the state, and schedule ONLY TWO hearings, both to be held in Sandersville, Georgia.

Find Out More about the Plant here!

As Americans, it is our right and responsibility to remind government officials that we want them to protect our air and water from pollution.

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